Home Buying Strategies

Home Buying Tips and Strategies

This is Nikki your Murrieta CA Real Estate Expert. I wanted to share some home buying tips and strategies if you having a tough time finding the right home, or if  you are being outbid with your offers.


Although the news states that Foreclosures are everywhere, it certainly does not seem that way with the limited amount of good opportunities. Homes that have been foreclosed on by banks are not being  released back into the market immediately.  This creates a bidding war situations on foreclosed homes once they actually hit the market.


This leaves buyers hunting for Short Sale homes that are either not approved, or the bank is not budging on terms.  You are probably frustrated, and considering giving up your home search. Before you do, I would like you to read this home buying tips and  strategies report. We use the tips inside to help our clients locate homes that are “hiding out”.  We explain four options that most agents do not implement into their home search strategy simply because – it takes a little more work.


Special House Buying Tips Report

Home Buying Tips to help you find homes that are Hiding outPlease bear in mind that our strategies are not always mainstream, and we may be creating more  work for most of our fellow real estate agents. Needless to say, we may not be making too many friends with this report, but then again, we are not here for that. We are here to make sure you have the options to explore all your possible opportunities to find that perfect home.


We created a special report for home buyers to understand that there are other ways to find a great opportunities with little to no competition. You may have already searched through all the major home search sites like Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia or Redfin.


These are great sites with thousands of homes available for sale. However, Our clients have often found out the  hard way that  a good number of those homes have been sold already. I don’t mean yesterday, maybe months ago.  This is because it is expensive to keep the listings updated all the time, so  homes are sometimes left on the site long after they have been sold.


This can get to be discouraging and disappointing when you think you found the right home, but its been sold already. Don’t get me wrong, these are great sites to begin your search and get an idea of what homes are selling for. When you are ready to buy, you will need updated and accurate information  to reduce your frustration and prevent “burn out”.


When you are ready to start previewing homes, I suggest that you use independent Realtor sites. Any site will do if they have the ability to search the Realtor Multiple Listing service. The home listings on these sites are updated every 15 minutes, and if the houses shows that it is available, then the chances are good that the home is still available.


Please note: Realtor sites all pull from the same place, so what you find on one site, you will find on the others. I don’t want to be bearer of bad news, but there are no “Private Lists” of homes that an Agent has that no one else has. There are homes that are not listed, but these home are usually already Bank Owned and pending re-release, or homes in default not on the market. I will mention those a little later on how to view these homes.


When you find the real estate agent site your like be sure to Register or Sign up on a website. This will give you the access to track homes you like, but more importantly – receive a daily list of homes that meet your search criteria. These reports are great, and are essential in finding the right home as soon as it hits the market. These home search tools are Free to Use, so why not make use of them.



Once you use it, you will see why this is probably the last  Home Search tool you will ever need to register for.

Okay, so I have laid out the ground work that most of you are doing already.  In addition, if you should  have already registered on your agent’s site our ours.  This would mean that every morning now, you will be getting home listings reports.  I am here to tell you  that even with all that, you still are  not getting all the opportunities that are available.


You see, most real estate agents, will ONLY send you lists of homes that are currently Active and Available.  I know what you are thinking – “Of course – No One wants to see homes that ARE NOT Active or Available”.  Right?  Well except for us.  


We are the few agents that spend a good deal of time  searching for houses that are no longer available. Sound Crazy?  Let me explain.


In addition to Active listings, we look for houses no longer available because here is where we find all the missing the opportunities. Most agents are not looking at these houses any longer, and your system generated lists usually only send out Active and/or recently updated home listings.


 Agents don’t spend time looking here because in all honesty because it entails A LOT more work. In their defense, it is not their fault. They have been trained to only show Active listings because looking anywhere else, well, is more work.


OUCH – I told you we weren’t going to make too many friends with this special report.


It’s Ok, I will bear the backlash so long as you are presented with every possible opportunity to get the house you are going to love to come home to.


So Where else should you be looking that you are not looking now?


I will give you the list, and then go you view the details on how to find these opportunities.

Back Up and Contingent Short Sales
Pending Sales
Expired and Canceled Listings
For Sale By Owners


If you have any questions or need more help in implementing these strategies, please contact me at




Please feel free to Home Buying Tips and Strategies report with your agent

Contact us if you do not have  a Realtor yet, and we will be happy to help.  We look forward to helping you find Hidden Opportunities on Homes for Sale in Murrieta!

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