House Buying Guide

A House Buying Survival Guide

This house buying guide guide was put together to help you the home buyer get a good understanding of the things you will need to consider when buying a home.


There are more things to consider than just “Can I afford the payment” or “Do I love the house”.  There things that need to be addressed that will affect your long term  happiness and satisfaction with your home.
A Home Buying Guide to help you understand what it means to be a homeowner.For example:  on page 9 the home buying guide begins talking about location – location – location. We all heard this, and know it is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a house. Other than the long-term financial value of  the home, people never stop to think about this.


The ebook goes over considerations that you need to make to really have Long Term Value and happiness with your home. If you have kids, do the elementary, middle and high schools all have good ratings, and are within walking distance to the home you want.


Is the neighborhood the right fit for your lifestyle. If you are thinking about retiring, and would like enjoy some peace and relaxation, then you certainly do not want to move into a house where you most of your neighbors have teenage kids.


The on page 28 the “Home Buying Guide” also starts talking about “Watching the Market”. This refers to trying to “Time” the market to make sure you buy at the lowest price possible.   There is a presumption in this approach that values will skyrocket, and home buyers will be able to sell the home and make huge profits.


This is not exactly how the market works.  Also just because you bought it low does not necessarily mean that the value will skyrocket up. You should not buy a house with the sole intention to making a profit.  You need to be happy with the home, enjoy it, and if the values skyrocket…then this is simply and added bonus. You want to consider the overall value of the house.

I can go on and on about all the insider secrets, tips and advice that is in the book , but you could be sitting here for hours. The “House Buying Guide” contains lots of valuable information, and it is available for you to download here at no cost.


Download the Home Buying Guide and use it as a reference when buying your home.

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