For Sale by Owners

For Sale By Owners ( FSBO )

How to find a house for sale by ownerFor Sale by Owner properties are those homes that are being sold by the seller’s direct without the assistance of a Realtor. The seller is usually working to save money on paying commissions, so they will work to sell it themselves.


Without a Realtor to market the home to other Realtors, these homes do not get the exposure needed to really sell. Because the home is usually not listed on the MLS, you will never get these homes sent to you via their system.


Also, the seller is looking to save on commissions, so Realtors are hesitant that the seller will not agree to pay them for the work of finding the right buyer for their home, and putting the deal together. So, naturally, Agents do not like to show For Sale By Owners (FSBO) homes.


The truth is that most sellers, while to willing to pay to “List” their house, they will almost always agree to pay your Realtor’s commissions, so that you don’t have to. This just takes a little more work on negotiating with the seller.


 Here is how to Find opportunity in FSBOs

Search on Craigslist for the keywords “For Sale By owner”  under the real estate section.

Website is

Here some other site made especially for FSBO homes

Website is

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You can also check your local newspaper. I know what you are thinking, “People still read newspapers?” – Yes, so some people still advertise. Start with the PennySaver. Have no fear, the papers usually have the same information available on their websites.

Once you have a list of homes, Ask your Realtor to call the sellers direct and get price, terms and set the appointment to show the house.

No need to negotiate commissions until you actually decide to move forward with the home.


Preview the home, and ask your Agent to write the offer. In the offer, be sure your agent adds to the contract that the sellers is responsible for paying your agent’s commissions.


The commissions should be negotiated separate and apart from your purchase contract. How much  should not be part of your agreement other than who is responsible to pay them.


Lastly, let your Agent guide you through the process because in our experience, For Sale by owners usually do not have the experience or expertise to give you the proper disclosures, and don’t really understand the ins-and-outs of the contract they signed.


Warning: What ever you do here, do not go at this alone without your agent. There is always the temptation that you might be able to get a better price, or save some money if the seller doesn’t pay commissions.


While logically true, this can actually end up to be more costly in the long run. You see, you do not know what things you should pay for, and what things the seller should pay for. Nor do you know what contractual obligations and disclosures the seller must provide you with.


We have worked with clients who have bought direct, only to end up with a house that has problems because the proper disclosures, inspections and even the paperwork was not done properly.


Again, there are opportunities in buying direct from a For Sale by Owner, but these are a little more risky if you buy these homes without an experienced Realtor.


We hope that our special report has restored hope in finding your dream home in places where you weren’t looking before. We know that these strategies are not mainstream and create more work for your agent, but do feel that they are necessary for you to   “Leave No Stoned Unturned” when buying your home.


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Contact us if you do not have  a Realtor yet, and we will be happy to help.  We look forward to helping you find Hidden Opportunities on Homes for Sale in Murrieta!

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