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We moved to Murrieta over 4 years ago form Los Angeles by accident. I was actually showing houses to a family member who wanted to live out here to be closer to San Diego, and have beautiful Home. Given the Housing prices out in L.A., they would have a home 4 times the size for the same price.


Within the first time being out here, I fell in love with it. The skies were clear, the air was fresh, the schools were new, kids were playing outside and most of all – people were really friendly. We were not used to all that, but I was loving every minute of it.


We saw an opportunity to move to Murrieta, and allow for our daughters to go to really good schools. Schools were new and teachers were motivated and cared about the kids education. We moved to provide the girls and safe environment to learn and grow up. Happy to say – things are still the same!


Although we were leaving our clients in L.A., and basically starting over. We went for it. It was really scary not knowing anyone, and not knowing if our business would grow. Somehow though,  Living in Murrieta felt like and fresh start, and somehow anything was possible.


There was no shortage of churches to attend, and everyone we met was quick to invite us to their worship services. After attending a few services, we met some really good people, and that made our move a lot easier.


Murrieta was the best thing that could have happened to us.  We have been living here  for over 4 years now, and can tell you that even though our family is still in L.A. This is HOME!

We hope that you will love Murrieta like we do!

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