Home Buying Tutorial Videos

Home Buying Educational Tutorials

I collected these 3 Home Buying videos that were put together with you the home buyer in mind.  These are not my videos. They are a collection of a series direct from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. I thought it would be best to get you the information from the nation’s authority department.


The first educational video in the series represents the first step in the home buying process – Getting a Home loan.



The second video represents the second step in the home buying process – Shopping for a Home. It is more than just searching for a home. It includes things you should consider first as well as choosing the right Realtor to work with.




This last video represents the last step in the home buying process – and that is Completing your Home Purchase.



Now that you have the information, the first step in Home buying is to make sure you can Get the Loan for the kind of home you want to buy.


Please CONTACT ME if you need me to refer you to a loan officer here in Murrieta CA to get home buying process started.


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